About Us

Our Company

RoboTeam focuses on keeping your robot(s) healthy at an affordable price. We are a small professional team of robot experts, all specialists in our work, all passionate about doing the best we can for our customers.

Being a family run firm, it’s clear in working with us that there is an individual commitment to quality and service and ensuring the business looks after its customers and their robots.

Our History

In November 2011, Simon Beech left his role as Service Manager at ABB Robotics and started living his dream. He combined his passion for robotics with his vision for improving customer experience, whilst making it more affordable to create Robocare, a robotic service provider.

What started as a single-man operation in his house, rapidly took off and grew to 5 employees. Robocare quickly realised they needed more space for delivering training and their expanding spares inventory, and also to provide customers with faster deliveries. In 2013, they moved to Melbourne, Derbyshire.

In 2015, we wanted to expand the company to cover more of Europe and did not want to be confused with a company in Sweden selling robotic lawn mowers, or any of our competitors using similar product or services names, so rebranded to RoboTeam.

We now have over 9 years experience, helping our customers keep their robots running at an affordable price. We will  continue to expand our abilities and provide a wider variety of solutions for our customers.

If you are interested in affordable automation support, contact us today to speak with our robotic experts.